Math Advantage
Metrowest's Most Unique Mathematics and Test Prep Center
Math Advantage offers small group math instruction for students in grades K-12. Students meet for 60 minutes each week. Our maximum student to teacher ratio is 5:1. Math Advantage classes cover math topics your child is learning at school as well as concepts that will appear on the MCAS and other assessment tests. Problem solving is emphasized and students learn a variety of ways to solve challenging problems.
The Learning Environment
The comfortable design of our center provides an optimal learning environment. At Math Advantage, students do not work in isolation but instead benefit from interaction with teachers and classmates in a supportive setting. Math Advantage uses a number of teaching formats and educational materials to accomodate different learning styles. We combine direct instruction with independent work, team problem solving, math contests, games, and manipulatives. Student interest is kept high with this unique approach to math instruction.
The Power of Positive Reinforcement
The success that students enjoy at Math Advantage has much to do with the praise and positive reinforcement they receive during class. We strongly believe that all students can learn and excel in math when given frequent and genuine encouragement. Math Advantage students come to realize that learning is its own reward; an important connection that lasts a lifetime.
The Importance of Professional Instructors
Math Advantage instructors have been involved with the local educational community for more than 15 years. We have teacher certification, extensive classroom experience, and strong math backgrounds. We are passionate teachers who know how to motivate students. Math Advantage instructors work very actively with students in the classroom - teaching concepts, reviewing problems, responding instantly to students, and assessing progress. 
Computation and Problem Solving
Many math enrichment programs emphasize computation or problem solving but it is unusual to find a program that has both components. Math Advantage recognizes the importance of a balanced math program. Math is the most sequential of all subjects.and failure to learn each step along the way will certainly impede future progress. For that reason, Math Advantage requires a considerable amount of basic skills practice. We want our students to have instantaneous recall of basic math facts. Students reach that goal through hard work and lots of practice. As a result of their persistence, our students have the confidence that comes with owning those basic math facts. Once this is achieved, students are ready to tackle word problems. Our program teaches students how to find key words, translate word problems into math equations, and solve equations correctly. Students are given plenty of practice with multi-step problems and are introduced to a number of efficient strategies. 
Math Advantage is a one of a kind learning program.  The learning center is independently owned and operated by teachers and is not a franchise. By focusing on what students are learning in suburban Boston schools, Math Advantage can offer programs that parallel the content in your child's school curriculum.  As an independent program, Math Advantage is not limited to one particular software program, textbook provider, or learning tool. Instead, Math Advantage has the freedom to create new materials or select educational materials that offer the greatest benefit to your child.
The Benefits of Being Unique
Math Advantage uses a four step approach to deliver fast results:

Step 1: The educational directors of Math Advantage will meet with you and your child to discuss goals and assess your child’s skill level.
Step 2: We will create a learning plan designed to meet the goals in a reasonable amount of time. The learning plan is reviewed by you and your child.
Step 3: Your child begins the learning program, working closely with his or her instructor to reach the goals that were set.
Step 4: Progress is reviewed and new goals are created.

The Personalized Instruction Program is available in two formats:

Private Instruction
Your child will work privately with an instructor for one hour each week. Students may participate in a personalized program of study created by Math Advantage or they may use their school work as the focus of each session.

Semi-Private Instruction
Your child will work with an instructor for one hour each week with one other student. We will either structure a personalized program of study or use your child’s current work in school.

Math Advantage offers the finest, most comprehensive preparatory programs for the ISEE, SSAT, SAT l and SAT ll exams. Our intense, one-on-one training sessions are led by experienced educators who excel at creating confident, well-prepared and academically proficient students.

Outstanding Results
We are certain you will not find a better test prep center than Math Advantage. Why? Simply put, no one cares as much as we do! Our top priority is making sure your child gets the best test scores possible. This unparalleled level of dedication has had tremendous results. Former ISEE and SSAT students are currently attending many of the best private schools in the Boston area. Our SAT students have enrolled in the country’s most selective colleges and universities.

A Straight Forward Approach
High test scores can be achieved by most students through the proper balance of content knowledge and test taking skills. During our rigorous test prep program, students refine computational and problem solving skills, develop an extensive vocabulary and practice writing cohesive, grammatically correct essays. We avoid test taking gimmicks and strategic tricks in favor of a structured program of learning and practice.

Individualized Instruction
We know students have unique skills and abilities that are best developed through personalized attention. Why spend valuable class time reviewing material your child may already know? Our instructional model enables us to create programs that target each student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Class time is better utilized and sessions are more productive. In addition, individualized instruction eliminates distractions from fellow classmates and reduces teacher response time. A private classroom setting also makes it easier for students to ask questions and acknowledge mistakes.

A Winning Team
The teachers at Math Advantage have had tremendous success preparing students for high school and college admissions exams. We treat our students as individuals and will prepare a high quality test prep program that is specific to your child's needs. Our younger students have had successful middle and high school experiences at Nobles and Greenough, Rivers, Roxbury Latin, Windsor, Concord Academy, Milton, Belmont Hill, and many other esteemed schools. Older students have done very well on their SAT exams and have been accepted to many top colleges and universities.
The caring and professional teachers at Math Advantage are ready to help your child reach his or her full potential.
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